Friday, December 26, 2008

Of X'mas Celebration Part 1

X'mas Celebration Part 1

22 Dec Monday
Mount Faber Jewel Box

We were greeted with almost breathtaking view of Singapore up on the 'Peak' wanna be Mount Faber :P Of coz the Peak it wasn't but still , it was definitely a good getaway from the usual boring Orchard crowd I tell ya. The Jewel Box was all dressed up for the year end festivities and it was awesome just seated at the cafe, overlooking at the night scene of the port and part of Sentosa.

As with every year, the Jewel box has a 61 m.tall LED lighted X'mas tree

Shimmers and glitters in the night

This is one toilet where you would wanna take photos of~~~
It is named the Iconic Washroom

It would have been nicer if it's in the day.

There's a nice couch for you to rest you tired feet!

My lovely wonderful friends
Thanks for the thoughtful gifts!

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