Wednesday, December 31, 2008

of X'mas Celebration Part III -- Friends@ Jelita n St James

Christmas / Boxing day Dinner
Foodies Club (facebook S'pore) Gathering

Venue - Friends @ Jelita

We came, we laughed, we ate, we drank, we talked, we had fun! That practically sums up that night in one sentence! It's really my much needed 'getaway' after all the 'excitement'(read-messy crazy things ) at work .

Kudos to Sharon ( are you reading this !? hhehehee ) for organizing this dinner event. I know how it is to do an event for all 17 of us. All the mass emails, mass texting, coordinating with the restaurant, done to the last details of the menu and drinks.. * wipes off Sharon's perspiration * Phew! Thanks :)

Now, not everyone would know where is Jelita. Yeah, I passed by this place countless times but never step foot inside ever. It's just a few bus stops after Holland V.

Friends @ Jelita is located on the 2nd level , tugged in the corner. It isn't a big place but it was bright and classy...

We had a five course X'mas dinner that evening.

Let the photos do the talking!

The dishes have their proper names, I will change it later.. just make do with the translation for now heheheee

Smoked duck

Another view of the duck

Pumkin Soup


Beef, mashed potato with candied figs

Yummy * but a tad too sweet*
Traditional Fruit pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream
And Brandy Cream

More photos! Well, what do you expecT! it's X'mas
and there are soooo many of us! OF coz there are more photos :)

I wore a hairband! nice? Never long as I like it!

Everyone present that night


I hopped over to St James to join chrissy and her pals . It has been ages since I last step foot to a club ! Trust me it was fun~! And I thought my party days are over...I love all the photos taken at St James~! Can't do this often though... but it's really fun when it happens!

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