Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sleepy , restless on a rainy day

Eileen's food consumption

Wow, it has been awhile since I posted such an entry!
So yeah, here's what I have eaten in the past few days :)

Was grocery shopping at cold storage and noticed this Creme Dessert at the dairy products section. I must have been in one of my chocolate moods, so without much consideration , ( not much needed anyway..) I plopped two of these into my basket. They are inexpensive, going at $1 each.

It does satisfy my cravings..but i can't say much about the texture. It was neither here nor there. Not solidified , neither too runny :P

I hope this can keep my spirits up! I was so sleepy in the office today. Do you drink chicken of essence too? I know of a friend who simply detest the smell and taste of it. Well, I kinda like it :)

The Pasta Shop by sakea sushi

Pretty disappointing I must say. It was painfully quiet and lack of patrons for a restaurant on a weekday evening in the orchard road belt. ( wheelock place )

We thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to give this new place a try. Service was prompt..however lacking in good customer service ..

I ordered a mentai cabonara, while he had the japanese curry rice

I like how the egg mixes with the pasta..though I found t price a little ex ($14.90)

Disappointing . The egg looks like one placed on top of some nasi lemak instead!
Curry was horrendously salty!

Try to avoid it if you can lah. Or just order the pasta dishes...stay clear of the curry

Shopping basket

Bought these two from the puma sales.. disappointing as there were no female sneakers on sale!!

I was eying at this bag way b4 the sale :)
quite happy to get it

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