Monday, November 17, 2008

Bad Cab Days are here to stay

Bad cab days. Do you have it too?
It seems that majority of cab drivers are not equipped with EQ, neither are they armed with any ounce of motivation to please the customers. I have no qualms about making complains to their respective companies whenever I encounter such drivers. We as passengers engaged their services, pay them monetary compensation for driving us to our designated locations, yet, at some time or another, have to put up with their irresponsible behavior as well as ‘ verbal abuses’ of sort.

Well, I am not discounting the good cabbies out there. There are those drivers that are really friendly, professional and sincere. I have met them on a few good occasions and it does make the ride enjoyable, if not pleasant. These good drivers will go an extra mile for their passengers and have earned many return customers in this sense.

On one occasion, I had to drop a cheque off at a bank along the way to my lunch. The driver didn’t even ‘make noise ‘(like how some idiots would if you tell them you need to go to two places) about my request. Not only that, he stopped the meter at the bank and waited for me as the restaurant is just 1 min away from the bank. This is good customer service.

The other type of drivers I am a little wary of are those who yak nonstop. There I am all tired after a long day and all I wanted was some peace and quiet. The cab uncle just started his shift and was all friendly and chatty. What do you do with a situation like this? I was nice enough to entertain him for a few moments until I told him I really need to take a wink.

A friend just had this encounter. She’s an educator heading towards her school and guess what the cabby said to her?
“you are a teacher? I can smell it’’

What is that for? Hahaha, the things cabbies do to entertain themselves :P

Just a few days ago, I hailed a cab to office. I was on the verge of jumping out of the cab the minute I entered! I would if not for the fact that I was running late for an event. The ‘aroma’ was horribly overwhelming! I thought I had entered some axe brand medicated oil factory!!! That cabby must be having one freaking lousy day of headache or cold and seems that he just applied dozens of bottles of medicated oil. I couldn’t take it and had to unwind the window!

There were other occasions where cabbies love to play guessing games pertaining to my job, my marital status, as well as my age. When I am in a nice mood, I would just be myself..but , yeah, I have assumed the role of a married woman, an policewoman and even a mother :P Those cabbies simply assumed who I was , so I just played along with them

These cabbies are practically harmless as compared to those who are rude and disrespectful of you as a customer.

I had to tell a few of them off as they refused or didn’t go by the route I wanted to, instead, went by what seemingly to be the longer way. Those really made my blood boil.

And what about reckless driving skills of theirs?! Tailgating, speeding, lane cutting, to name a few. He and I were even involved in a car accident because of a reckless cab driver!

I can go on and go with my grouses about cab drivers.But I guess I shall keep it for another time.
As much as I wanna be nice to these people, yet, sometimes it doesn’t pay to be nice to them.

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Julian said...

I'd rather take the train and avoid taking cabs if I can. Managed to save a whole lot as a result! ;)