Friday, November 21, 2008

An afternoon spent with Chrissy n Nicole

Lunch was at Lerk Thai . Was too hungry to take, it wasn't anything fantastic, so no photos. One of the must try is their Tom Yam soup :) Sourish and good :P


Funny faces at lunch

Still as cheeky as ever :)
Kept calling me mummy during lunch

She insisted that I pinched my nose too :X

Mother and daughter in the car


I am in love again!

This time round is with this --- Jollibean Azuki Red Bean Soy drink

Chris was thirsty and decided to give this drink a try. It was surprisingly good! I saw the lady blending the redbean with the soy milk :) We never expected it to taste that delicious. I am fussy with the kind of red bean I eat.. I never like those china red bean..(especially those found in ice kachang). Always have been a fan of the japanese azuki bean :) I found them having more flavor and just nicer . Should give this drink a try if you like azuki red bean too . It costs $ if you find it slightly expensive, perhaps can share the drink with your bf/gf/spouse/good friend? Besides, it's more fun to share ..can improve the relationship! :P and also, everything is on the rise ( except for salary ) so..just buy one cup lah.

Overflowing red bean.... I like mee jiang kueh
they make good breakfast

Ps: if you don't know yet, price of Her World has increased to $7~~~


Baguita said...

she didnt call you "ah ma" ah?
hahahahah :P

Eileen. 静 said... funny hor.. :P no more ah ma lah.. all your fault :P