Sunday, November 23, 2008

of "not the hairstyle i want' and other mundanity of life..

A quick post... for my kapoh curious friends! hehehhe...

ok ok..for the record..maybe the hair isn't as bad as I have described..but it is surely, absolutely not what I had intended to cut! I wanted to keep the style.. which was more like a bob.. but this time round, for some strange reason, the stylist gave me such a layered cut at the back. I mean , okay..I prob. could play around with it with wax etc.. creating more volume with the hair dryer and all..but if on days when I am feeling lazy, or have no access to the hair dryer, I tell you I am gonna look horrible! flat hair..can u imagine that.. *faint*

I took a few photos with my phone after the cut.. some angles made me look I went thru all of them ( just 4) to show you the 'best' one ( out of the worst) .....

the sides are so 'thin' sigh..
i couldn't muster a full smile...

Feeling slightly happier after yummy lunch of
chicken pho..


I bought a bunion sleeve( according to the box) for my poor toes.. Not sure what is a bunion? No HERE for more info . This device is suppose to minimize the pain and also slowly adjust the toe to a more 'normal' angle. I guess I am more concern with the pain.

This thing doesn't come cheap.. cost me $25.... I have tried it out yesterday..and it does relieve the soreness alittle. Because of this problem, I have limited kind of shoes to wear. High heels are a no no, so are those pumps as well as narrow front kinda of footwear.


JT said...

Hi gal,

I think u look nice. Your hairstyle is exactly how I wanted mine done. My hairdresser got it rite the first time but this time when I went for trim, he messed up, so now I look like an auntie. Count your blessings!


Eileen. 静 said...

oh...that bad? where is the salon you go?

hey...will we be meeting again!? it has been ages since i saw you guys! :)

cendrine said...

u definitely look good in this hairstyle. :)

JT said...

I go to Reds in Tampines. I have a regular stylist whom I am always very happy with. But I don't know what happened this time, he kinda lost his touch.

Are you joining us for any of the plays coming up?