Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Of Weimin's back for hols & Dinner @T3

*go away you horrible hives* *heaves her shoulders* I seem to be fighting a losing battle with this hive issue. The itch is just unbearable. And I really have to remind myself to eat the medication every morning! :P

Alright alright..I hope to distract myself from the itch by doing up this delayed post.

Oh yes, my cousin's back for the holidays and once again, we went to welcome her at the airport :)

Took some photos while waiting for her....

Isn't this sweet?'s in the transit..
if you are going away from T3, you can
take a photo with Mickey n Minnie

Everyone was happy to see her..

We proceeded to Crystal Jade Shanghai restaurant at level 3 of T3 for dinner.

Most places serve either pickles or peanuts as a form of appetiser . This c.j serves not only peanuts, they serve long beans with chai por *preserved radish* ! We found it rather refreshing.. we couldn't get enough of it :)

Eight treasure tea to wash down all the oil :P

My bro posing with the tang yuan

All of us :)

ah, if you spend more than $80 at T3, you can receive a free T3 tumbler and a chance to enter the candy house to fill up your tumbler with candies/chocolates.

Reminds me of Hasel and Gretal..

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