Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eileen finally had her sirloin at Astons Specialties

Yes, a lot has been said and a lot have already eaten at Astons. How terribly late I am :P

Friends and I wanted to dine there ( the first outlet at Katong ) for the longest time. We ventured there twice ( both ended up in dismay). Once, they were closed and the other, the que was so long you thought it was giving out free food. So there goes our chances.

I jumped at the idea this time round when FB friends asked me along last Monday . I guess it is a common phenomenon for ques to form outside any Astons. It was the same for the outlet we went ( The Cathay). They do not do reservations.

Prices are slightly more than the coffeeshop outlets and the menu also differs to some extend. Nevertheless it is still affordable to dine there , especially at a time like this. Students and young adults can still afford to treat themselves to a good meal without breaking a hole in the pocket :)

Interior --Decor and lightings

You'll have a choice of 2 side dishes when you order a main course ( eg steak, fish, etc ) There are plenty of choices for sides ( mash potato, salads, coleslaw n corn to name some )

Here's our dinner for the evening

Mine ---- Sirloin with potato salad and veggies :)

Fried Chicken with french fries

Two other friends had this

U can also opt for soup as a side but have to top up some $ for it

Astons Specialities - The Cathay
2 Handy Road, #04-23/24,
The Cathay, Singapore 229233


Had spare time!! Which I am grateful for :) as I can spend more time with Nicole. We went shopping at NorthPoint . They have a new extension :)

Nicole was really getting on our nerves yesterday :P Wouldn't let us shop in peace. She wouldn't stop until she has her way. Kids! Just can't give in to them all the time.

This was what she wanted--Take photos
with the Xmas Decor...hhaha..look at the pose..

She's still a sweet darling :)


Northpoint has an interesting 'foodcourt' concept ..
They housed a few stalls selling jap food here :)

Prices are competitive to other foodcourts and the decor is quite attractive! Doesn't look like a food court at all does it :)

Chris had chicken teriyaki don

my seafood ramen

That's all I have for you guys right now
will be back later...

#03-47 Northpoint Shopping Centre, 930 Yishun Avenue 2
Open: 11.30am to 9.30pm daily

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