Saturday, October 04, 2008

Of Sights and Scenes @ Singapore Biennale 2008 ( II )

Oh have no idea how lazy I have become. There isn't enough time to do all the things that are needed to be done ! sob sob... there are thousand and one things to be done on my "to do'' list! * whispering* help help help

ok okay..enough of whining already! I am here to update the 2nd installment of my Biennale outing :P

Not many photos were taken as a handful were presented in dimly lighted courtooms which I once again I scooted out after taking a glance :P Hence no photos for those.

Venue 2 -- City Hall ( former High Court )

This venue was used for the first Biennale back in '06 and it proved a hit with everyone. I am happy to be touring the grounds of the old high court once again. Memories filled my mind as I walked around the familiar grounds and courtrooms.

It was already 6pm by the time I walked ..yes..walked..all the way from Beach Rd to City hall. There weren't many visitors to the exhibition that evening. I reckoned not more than 15 people at that time. Most of the time I am viewing the pieces alone. Good in a way as there is no need to jostle with the crowd , but given the venue.. given all the first hand accounts of strange sightings and noises, I really don't like being alone in the court rooms :P yes, i am a scaredy cat

I used to get chills and shivers down my spine if I am left alone in the make shift office and just had to turn up the volume of the radio to wade off whatever fear I have :X

Gee, sorry ..hahaha. I have diverted from the main topic, haven't I?

Okay, the exhibits are hosted on the 3rd and 4th level. Strange creatures greeted me as I made my way up to the 3rd level

Yikes! Maggots! Big yellow maggots!
they made their way into the former Law society restaurant~

it says: Bring me home!!

Human face? Yeah..can you see a face on that green thing? ( picture below ) You wouldn't have guess in a million yrs what is that! It is a gourd! Korean artist, Han Jong Gun planted the seeds, grow and nurture them and when they bore fruits, he shaped them with his hands almost everyday until they looked like human faces! These gourds seems rather alive! :P

Scooter covered with yarn

Series of taglines..

I don't quite like this. See the 'burning' effect on the wall? Yes,
projectors were churning out the burring effect on all four walls.
You get the feeling of being engulfed by the fire..

oh look! Aliens have invaded our land..

I am too lazy to read up on the underlying meaning of this piece :P

Presenting you my fav.
from City hall

Titled "BlackField"
By Ben-David, Zadok

On one side it is very colorful!

On the other-- black!

They are so intricate! So pretty... these are metallic flowers 'planted' on a layer of sand :) I heard it took the artist 10 hours to plant them!! one by one..backbreaking it must have been..

What is art to you? Almost anything and everything can be considered art these days.

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