Monday, October 06, 2008

Chrissy's Birthday Celebration @ Herbs & Spices

Friday 03 Oct 08 Chrissy's Birthday!

Upper Thomson
Herbs & Spices - The Euradian Restaurant

Weee....heehhee.. we celebrated Chrissy's birthday ( did you ask how old? hahahhaa.. let's just say she will be joining the 30s club very soon ) last Friday by enjoying yummy italian (pasta) food followed by a very short (2 hours +) but fun filled ( aka crazy ) karaoke session at AMK kbox. Don't we all wish time can stand still while we were having our fun..

Constance, Ruth, me and the birthday girl had a wonderful lunch treat at this interesting mix of a restaurant , Herb & Spices that serves both Italian and Indian cuisine under one roof :)

None of us was really in the mood for naan and curry , so... the following are what we had for lunch :)


Mushroom pizza for all to share...thin crusted.

Mushroom soup-- Not your usual mushroom soup. Our server (who's a very nice young lady) told us the name of the mushroom used to prepare the soup..but I forgot what was it :P I remembered her saying it was some sort of dried mushroom... darn..bad memory. Did any of you ladies remembered? Conz ? Chris ? :P

This is part of the set meal ($18) we ordered . It consists of soup of the day ( salad if you like ), choice of pasta dish as main course, one serving of dessert and finishing it off with coffee or tea.

Next up-- Baked Spaghetti Seafood
All wrapped up and baked in the oven! How interesting . However it was a little messy trying to unwrap the parcel. So the nice servers helped us with it. Try not to get the burn bits into your food.

The serving of the pasta is awesome! It's enough for 2 persons to share! Conz and I couldn't finish ours. There's squid, prawns , scallop, mussels and clams ! Very generous with the ingredients I must say. It's a very saucy dish , lots of garlic was used, much to my delight. One thing though , I kinda found it a tad too oily :P

This is a must try! Not too sweet, very yummy tiramisu :) We all had the large portion ones ~ :)

Enough of the food.. Of course we took photos with the birthday girl

Posing with the presents I gave her :P Wow, we have shared 11 yrs of friendship :) More to come my dear friend. ( Bought her a guess bag and a pen )

Celebration of sisterhood and new found friendship :)

What followed up was a session of crazy singing and impromptu canto translation of the lyrics by Constance. We were rushing for time and wanted to sing as many songs as possible. In the end, each of us tried to trim one another's song by ordering her to sing only 5 ridiculous lines :P

There wasn't a dull moment when you spend time with these ladies :) I had fun!

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