Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Of Sights and Scenes @ Singapore Biennale 2008 ( I )

Solo outing to Singapore Biennale 2008

Admission fee --$10

Venue 1 -- South Beach Development

This place used to be the Beach Road Camp. It has been slated for further development and is a conservation building . It is not the first time that I visited old army camps and like the rest, this one gives me the creeps too. The exhibits and art pieces are housed in the rooms as they have been left. No touch up or anything.. it just gives out a strange feeling, one that I like and dislike at the same time. I did not linger too long , I mean I leave the rooms as soon as I 'finished' with the installations or videos.

*lots of photos ahead*

This is a swing made out of neon tubes. It hangs from the ceiling and is powered by a moter which allows it to swing to and fro .

Doesn't this reminds you of one of the pictures they show you during a color blind test? hehehe.
This almost circular piece is made up of hundreds and hundreds of star stickers.

I love charcoal art. The artist is trying to create more 'space' within the room.

Objects and items from the artist's family when they moved from Philippines to Australia
140 'cubes' have been stacked and arranged to form a small "room"

see who i found stuck inside? hehehee..

the artist painstakingly painted the hall and only by standing at the end of the hall , one then can see these sprawling spray of lines across the room.
I love this piece~

Pity I was there alone! This is not a real mirror image~! It has been arranged and created
to depict one. Yes there are mirror around but at this particular 'mirror' , it is not what it seems to be :)

Hair salon

The private moon.. it lights up after sundown..

Impossibility of the superstring theory
artist Joshua Yang drew these lines with 2 system
1 the lines must not intersect itself at anypoint
2 the line must be continuous and have no breaks

go closer to the walls to see the lines..
this hall used to be the camp's dining hall.

I am in the spotlight..

he jotted down stuff as he goes along hehe..

I was very near the sugar pagoda art installation

September Sweetness ( pagoda made out of sugar and starch ) was a mess when I saw it. It was beyond sweetness. Bees and ants have swarmed to the site ( the insects were supposed to be part of the art ). This art pays tribute to those who lost their lives in the Myanmar political unrest last yr. I didn't take any pics of the pagoda as I dare not go close to it. The stench of the fermented piece was overpowering and I was told of the bees.. so yeah.. it was a crumbling piece when i saw it.

You can take a look at Rich Streitmatter-Tran, the artist's blog for more info and pictures of September Sweetness

Edited @ 8pm-- Thanks Rich for dropping by :)

Duba-- Video

This is a very disturbing video of a lady in her 70s, performing a spiritual ritual. I stood there by the door way watching , but couldn't go on after 3 mins. The moans and noises she made just made me very uncomfortable. She is a shaman who is trying to purge out a spirit ( from whom the viewers can't see as the camera only concentrate on her face up close)

Not part of the exhibits

lost in time..the kitchen..

old charm..


r. streitmatter-tran said...

Thanks for your posting on the biennale and particularly an update on our installation, September Sweetness. We now rely on bloggers to keep us informed of the installation, much like the world depended on information posted bloggers electronically from within Myanmar last year. Great images!

Eileen. 静 said...

Thanks for dropping by my humble blog :) I was really looking forward to seeing your work when I heard bout it. Was too busy with work to go on the first few days..

yeah, much of it has already crumbled ..but thanks to your blog, we can get to see how painstakingly you guys put it together :)

ShiChen said...


refreshing change to look at some nice pictures :/

I been buried in readings and some days end at 8pm for me lol

I can't get enough of sleep :(

W.A Musxzart said...

letd go again, you be my guide this time round? can??? please...

Eileen. 静 said...

SC-- :) yes..NUS can be a chore ..hey..when are you gonna drop by LT11 on wed.nights? Come say hi to me lah.. kekee.

Mus-- yes yes..sure..would love to.. just pay for my ticket! :) heheheee