Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bad attack of hives...

I had a terrible case of hives just last night! There I was seated in the cinema.. ( yes.. we were on a roll..been watching movies hahha...) without a sweater nor jacket.. munching on nachos. It was all good until 40mins into the movie when I felt an itch on my thumb..I didn't think much about it. Shortly after, the pinkie started feeling funny.. followed by the other thumb! So yes, I was scratching like no tomorrow by then.

What's worst was both thumbs started to swell at the joint. Still I continued watching the movie lah.. I have had hives attack before but not as bad as this. My hives are triggered by the cold temperature.

The swelling and itchiness subsided when we made our way back to the car after the movie has ended. Guess I better go see the doc before I leave for Indo. Better to get some medication ..coz I never know when the hives will come visiting me again.

I mean there is just no avoidance of the cold! I can't live without aircon..and everywhere we go in S'pore is mostly air conditioned..I just have to contain my hives! :P So sometimes when I get it at home, I would just apply powder and do other things to distract myself of the itch. And isn't contagious ..

You can read up on hives here

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