Sunday, October 19, 2008

Movies over the weekend-- Burn after Reading , Max Payne

I enjoyed this movie. It isn't your typical comedy ( at least not to me). This is a A grade witty funny that laughs at the CIA :P The dialogs were well written.

Couldn't help but laugh each time Brad Pitt comes on screen. He played the role of a goofy no brain gym instructor who is constantly plug into his ear phones.

George Clooney is a paranoid man who has flings behind his wife's back. He is aging but still as charming as ever :P Another big name in the movie is John Molkovich ..I am beginning to like him :) He's acting is good . I still remember years back when he acted as a convict in Con Air

Shall not go on further..go watch it :)

ps: gee! the snacks at The Cathay are expensive ! Hotdog with drink -- $7 ! They have the most expensive snacks of all the cinemas in Singapore...


It was a pain watchin this film. Anyway, movie is based on the same title game. It looked promising in the beginning ..then somehow it just got bad. Perhaps the cinema seats made a difference to how I react to the movies :P I wonder if there is a correlation hahaa . . I mean I kept fidgeting in my seat. But then again..bad movie will just be bad movie with or without great plush seats :P .. oh watched this movie at Cathay Downtown East. I was sitting there..hoping that the movie will end soon. Maybe I just don't quite like Mark Wahberg. I actually dozed off at the last few minutes of the film :X zzzzz 'nuff said.

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