Friday, October 24, 2008

See ya in a week's time :)

Yeah..I am almost done with the packing. Decided to bring a bigger suitcase to accommodate my shopping gains from Solo :P What's lacking from my pack list is the adapter and travel size contact lens solution. Righty..just have to write it down so I can remember to purchase them tomorrow.
neat or not? dear god daughter nicole is down with HFMD--hand foot mouth disease. The poor girl got it from the childcare. *Get well soon sweetie. Godma will buy you presents *

It has been a long day..and another equally long and tiring one tomrow. I am dozing off as I am typing this out.. I should sleep..

Take care all... don't abandon my blog.

I 'll be back in 8 days time. Don't forget to check back to my blog even if i am not around :)

*there may not be internet connection...but there is still phone blogging =)
i will try to update as and when i can*


W.A Musxzart said...

dont forget to buy me lots of presents and nice nice stuffs. its really unfortunate i cannot come this time round. but i guess the bali trip in february can come true!

incognito said...

i also need a holiday