Sunday, September 07, 2008

Up close and personal encounter with the smelly disgusting one!!!

I had to disinfect my left arm last night!!!!

Why? Here's why!!

I was all changed to go for movies...but decided to put on a gold chain and pendent which I kept in my dressing counter cupboard. I opened the door to the cupboard as I would everyday..nothing special at all. I reached in and took out a box (there was a tassel attached to the cover of my box) where I kept my gold accessories. I felt something tickling my fingers but dismissed it as I though it was the tassel.

With the action of my withdrawing the box out , that tickling feeling escalated up my arm..and by then I was totally screaming and started flinging the box away. The cover landed on the ground and the box fall onto my bed. That tickling feeling was a disgusting idiotic roach!!! Yes, I was cursing and swearing already and reached out for the wet wipes to 'clean' my arm. That horrible sensation lingered on for awhile. I could feel my hairs standing~!! The creature scrambled out of my room and ran meekly to the dark kitchen. I suppose that creature must have crawled into my room when no one's home.. argh!!!!

I had to change out of the teeshirt I was wearing and promptly pop it into the washing machine. I managed to regain my composure , went to the bathroom, poured massive amount of shower gel to wash away that creepy feeling :p I guess you'd never understand how I felt unless u've gone thru something like me. This is my 2nd up close encounter with the disgusting smelly ugly creature!!!

I hate hate hate hate roaches~! What should I do now? There are quite a few dark corners in my room..more could be lurking around!! Sob sob.. I need more traps and baygon :P

Okay, that was the end of my creepy story


Friday lunch @ Chrissy's place

Due to some unmentionable reason, Chris kinda 'owed' me one lunch.. here it is! It was a very fusion lunch! hahahha. There was ang mo soup, curry chicken and sashimi! Really east meets west! :P

Clam Chowder

This is really nice and cheap!

Spicy !

Managed to spend some time with the
naughty girl :]


Last Sat 30th Aug
Lunch @ Sharon's

Didn't take any food pics.. the gang attacked the food b4 I can snap :P

Sharon's nephew- Ryan
Isn't he cute? he's showing me the dino on his tee

Like a koala bear..clinging on to Sharon

Yes, Gabriel, we know there are some alot of resemblance
(you and the mooncakes )hehehee
Can't help but suan him lah.. always 'bully' me :P

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