Tuesday, September 09, 2008

~~~Mid week photo entry~~~

Presenting an all photo entry this Wednesday :)

Recent shopping basket

#545 pouch i bought :P

luggage / bag tag

Chiffon top

leather mary janes
Comfy enough for my bunions :P

Bought two tees from Threadless during their
$9 and $12 sales :)


have you tried the new magnum?
hmmmm..slurp slurp :P
not worth the price tag of $4
he bought it for me

my mum is on a diet!
*will purchase if it works on mum*

New office premise

Eileen's rendition of a star :p
Do you wanna be a bright star too?



JT said...

I totally love the Magnum Dark Choco Flavour! I'll actually pay $4for it! I'm like craving it every day. Together with the new Ferraro Rondnoir (dark choco version of Rocher), these are my two A-lister when it comes to snacking these days. Mmmm....but then I forgot, you are not really into dark choco....:)

Eileen. 静 said...

yah i saw the new ferraro rondnoir but was hesitant about buying it.. perhaps will try it soon :)

yes..am not a great fan of dark choco...prefer sweeter ones :P blame it on my sweet tooth :X

Chrissy said...

Hey I bought the milk shake too, but have not tried it yet...