Friday, September 05, 2008

The One who loves watching free movies -- The Days gala premier

We got invited to the gala premier of The Days 歲月at GV Vivo. There's the typical 'red carpet' and grand reception to welcome the director, cast and production crew. We didn't really linger around at the red carpet area coz it was just too crowded. ( it was all screaming kids -_-'' )

This is the 4th local movie for this season. Most of the cast were made up of first timers and fresh faces. Director Boi Kwong is an ITE teacher/lecturer who tells a true story in The Days.

The movie is set in the late 80s to early 90s, an era I am very familiar with :P So I can't help but chuckled when the characters came on screen wearing brands such as hunting world and those colorful versace jeans. The hairstyles of the boys really brought back memories of yester years :P remember aaron kwok with his middle parted hairstyle? It was considered the 'in' hairstyle back then. So many boys then had long fringes. Yuck!

The 4 heavenly kings with their young leader in the middle

oh..hehe.back to the movie. 4 boys known as the Heavenly kings of Ming Fa Secondary sch. were so called part of a gang. Their school dropout leader is their senior from school who later got them inducted into his sect. Main lead Justin Chan acted as the cool (so the movie wanted to give us that feeling ) Zi Long who has a very guai and timid younger brother nicknamed Baby. Baby being only 13 is very impressionable, and saw how ' great' his brother and gang is, started hanging out with them . That's when things went downhill for him and his brother. Baby got led astray and got lured into the dark side ( drugs n sex )

Promotional character postcards
They are the ones I like.

I guess the target audience for this film are for the growing up teens and young adults. But strangely, the movie was given a NC-16 rating! I though the language was rather okay, neither were there any gory scene.. oh well. Okay lah, there were moments in the movie where i can relate to ( hey but me never an ah lian) but there are no climax in the movie.. it was just like a straight line.. no highs nor downs.

The cast were good for first timers. Justin Chan also sang one of the songs in the movie. Adele Wong who played his love interest is pleasant to look at on screen. One of the school gangster really has the 'kiam pa' look. Sorry Jason Ho, but you really look like a chao ah beng 臭阿明。。 Oh yah.. I really dislike one of the girls... over played on the lian factor and her character seems unreal ..or perhaps over dramatic.

If you are thinking of watching the movie becoz you hope to see more of Yeo Yann Yann, then think again. Coz she is only a guest star.. screen time only 5 mins. She plays the role of two teenage girls' mum! heeheh. She is a lao lian in the movie.. owns/works in a coffeeshop.

Go relive the 80s and 90s once again..
my ratings -- 4/5 for cast, 2.5/5 for story .

You can join their group in facebook if you are interested. Here's the movie website.

Take listen to the song for the movie . Quite catchy..has to be lah.. for the commercial value

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