Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sunday 7 Sept 08

Bangkok Dangerous

Nothing too exciting about this movie. Nicolas Cage is looking very haggard and his hairstyle is way way horrible in this movie. He plays the role of a killer/assassin who's hired by big bosses and triad leaders to get rid of enemies. This movie is a collaboration of east and west talents.

Directors Pang Brothers are from HK but mostly based in Thailand. Was quite surprise to see Yang Cai Ni ( Charlie Young -- popular HK star who got married to a M'sia) in the movie . She plays a mute whom Nicolas Cage is in love with. The film also stars Thai actor, Shahkirt Yamnarm, whom I thought is quite good looking :P Nicolas Cage is the only ang moh in the movie.

Nicolas Cage and Shahkirt

As for the movie itself, at times I actually thought I am watching some 'Welcome to Thailand' promotional tourism film! I mean some scenes are shot in the night markets, floating market and some in sleazy disco joints which I found it tacky. Storyline was nothing new as well.

the ever youthful looking Charlie Young

I guess the Americans do enjoy movies with Asian / (what they love using bleah) 'oriental' elements in it. This movie as shown in today's Straits times is on the top of the list in the US :X From what I see, it has been tailored for the US market . Ang mo goes Bangkok for a job, meets pretty charming but mute Thai lady. Falls in love with her, but she finds out about his job, not happy about..and he has to leave the country after his job. So typical. So boring.

my ratings -- 2/5

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good thing i decided not to watch it