Thursday, September 25, 2008

from the desk of the limping one..

Random updates~! First up-- I injured my big toe. It is as if my bunion isn't an issue..I have to go and sprain my toe! It is as painful as it is already with the with the swollen nerves... I can't really apply much pressure on it :/ So pardon me for my 'limp' and that I wouldn't be able to stay in pace with you if you meet me these days :P

Here are some songs I am crazy about for now... been playing them over and over again :P Hope u'd like them as much as I do :)


Heard this over the radio once in the car.. he likes this song too..
Secondhand Serenade --Fall for You

A friend posted this on facebook...Alex Chu is cute!

Clazziquai--Romeo and Juliet


Shopping Basket

Look! Aren't they cute? They are not only just key chains.. they double up as a pen too :)

See~ extended body :P

My new toy.. thanks to him :)

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