Saturday, September 27, 2008

独自一人的周末..Just me and myself :)

这是个独自一人的周末。偶尔也应该过一个人的日子。我们常常忘了和自己沟通。。忘了自己到底要什么。今天我将宠一宠自己。。我要去shopping 了~~!希望你的周末过得充实快乐~!


星期五Friday 26 Sept

还天真的以为可以放慢脚步。。。真是好笑。。 他不在,我还是一样的忙。。哈哈。可是忙归忙。。。我还是可以忙于偷闲的。

I had to make a trip down to Raffles Place .(I really dislike this area) 说真的。。还真是不喜欢这个地方。它让我有不能呼吸的感觉。还好昨天有朋友的陪伴。。Mus' fridays are so fun! I managed to meet him for coffee after my task at Raffles Place and he brought me to Toast! I have been wanting to try their famous cupcakes for the longest time :) 好好吃啊~ I had a smoked salmon sandwich as well.. I was famished! It was already 2pm when we met up :P Mus had the William cupcake, while mine was the lemon ( was it? or not?..i can't recall ) They are fabulous! We wanted the Nutella..but argh! the lady in front of us grabbed the last one .. sob.讨厌!! :P

Lovely surprise.. I was handed a bright yellow sunny sunflower after
leaving Toast. This is a promotion for the upcoming
Sun Festival!
( I am wearing the big eye contact lens)


It was farewell to Michael, our fellow musician in my gamelan group. He will be returning to Boston . I just realised I didn't take any pictures with him -_-''

He treated everyone to delicious lip smacking Javanese food!

I finished everything! Least for a few spoonful of rice :P
the chilli in the packet is mean! not for me..

Dear Edwin making his rare appearance!

Having a ball of a time

More photos coming up .. Let's hope my friends post them up fast on Facebook :)

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