Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Singapore 新加坡 生日快乐 !!

Sat 2 Aug 08
Sengkang West National Day Dinner

A gal friend (Wei Ting) and I were invited by our friend to join her in the above National Day dinner celebration last week. I for one never really like such CC/RC dinner , but thought wouldn't be such a bad idea since we 3 ladies haven't met in months. This would be a good chance to catch up.

To cut the story short... we arrived to the venue via the LRT , albeit the long route. We were greeted with a big tent set up on the sprawling green field. Just I as I have imagined, security was tight as one of the VIP invited was PM Lee Hsien Long.

I've got sun in my eye

Step right up for a body scan and security check

The stated time for the dinner was 7pm, but of coz with all dinners, it was expected to start an hour later. In the mean time , we were entertained with a variety of programs put up by school children and the CC groups.

We got bored and started snapping random pictures :P

I didn't deck out in red n white :P
Wei Ting and Eileen

In the midst of our cam whoring, we did enjoy some of the performances , though I really wonder why did the event organizer engaged such a CMI host for the night. He couldn't create any rapport with the crowd, neither could he articulate . My guess is perhaps there is a budget constraint ( of coz there is a budget constraint!) so they had to get someone who's affordable cheap The three ITE students did a much better job at hyping up the crowd.

Okay, for this once, I didn't bother snapping any food pics. Erm, what can I say, they don't really look 'nice' .

Yes yes, the crowd went mad when PM Lee made his appearance. The crowd whipped out their cameras and started snapping at him. (some of his bodyguards were kinda good looking :P ) So there were at least some eye candy for us :P Anyway, he didn't stay thru out the dinner for there was another NDP dinner he had to attend in another constituency. Oh, the VIP table was just right behind ours :)

Let's give a toast to the Nation

We created a Guinness book of record that night
The most number of people to blow out birthday cake at the same time

Happy 43rd Birthday, Singapore!

Here's the Chinese Version of this yr's NDP Theme song
I prefer this to the english one

How bout this one from 2006?
I like it too


end note

as read in today's Straits Times

44 pounds( approx 19kg!!) cat in the States looking for a new home
The owner could no longer take care of him.
The cat will undergo a dieting program

isn't he adorable?

So big as compared to the normal size cat

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