Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend movie and shopping buys!!

Are you fretting over what to buy for a friend's birthday? Or simply in need of sometime cute and quirky to cheer yourself up after a hectic week at work/school? You just have to check out this cool online shop! Ruth's online shop is officially open!! There are the oh so cute notebooks and pretty pretty bags , as well as other irresistible items etc :)

Cute cute notebook :)

Do pay a visit over at The Happy Little Shop today!

Eileen's shopping basket

Yikes! I actually bought 4 flora pieces in the recent weeks :P I am in the flora phase :)

Have worn this and had a 'bad' encounter
Shan't go into the details

Bought this from a blogshop

not the agnes b one
this is an impostor :P

Benefit stuff

to smooth out the skin and minimise pores

Gotta ban myself from shopping..

Saturday evening

Ba ku teh dinner followed by movie of the week

Journey to the Center of the Earth

It was quite an adventure ..the journey to the center of the Earth . At this part of the Earth, dinosaurs and strange looking plants , plus glowing birds thrive and roam the grounds. This is the world written by Jules Verne. Erm..nope..have not read the book :P but I will ..since there is the online version :P
Anyway, this isn't the first movie of the book, as there were 2 other earlier productions. Still, it was quite enjoyable watching it.



jujube said...

nice floral dress! All ready for the summer huh? :D (It's almost fall now.. but anyway -.- )

I'm into dresses recently too! :D

Eileen. 静 said...

thanks ~

summer? yes..spore is always summer .. it's all yr round summer -_-''