Saturday, August 09, 2008

Eileen's little guessing game--what is this object?

Pls leave your answers in the comment area. Thanks! Have fun guessing!

Ok..the guess is over... Mus got the right answer! He explained it in many words though hehhee..

but to sum it is a CD/VCD/DVD Label Applicator. You place the label, sticky side up and followed by your cd on top of it. Give the plastic nipple like tool a press, and the cd will be attached to the label, thus applying the sticker to the CD. There you go :)


Julian said...

Isn't it obvious it's a CD or DVD spool or rather spindle?

Eileen. 静 said...

keke..gotta tell ya.. pls guess again..

aiyo.would i have come up with something so easy to guess? lalalalalala

Julian said...

Any prizes for guessing it correct?

Oh what the heck....Robot Nipple? *blinks*

naitnix said...

how about a mug cover?

W.A Musxzart said...

its either a hook or a light. u know where u press and the light will lite up?

if not, its a cd or dvd spindler.

or a pencil sharperner?

W.A Musxzart said...

i know, i think i have this at home too. its a cd or dvd sticker paster. u know when u design cd cover then u print on the sticker then u use this to paste so it will be aligned! correct?