Thursday, August 07, 2008

Can I still trust Philips products? Newly bought Philips Hairdryer faulty!

I am going down to Philips hoping to get a product replacement or refund. My former hairdryer 'died' due to old this new 1 was purchased. It was ok when I tested it at Courts. Who's to know that it kinda 'overheated' and simply just KO like that. I didn't even get to use it. My hair was still damp.. I had to rush to my mum's place to borrow hers instead. Ok..Let's hope i get a good explanation for this. Honestly I was worried that the hairdryer will explode or burst into flames..just look at the fiery redness. There was even a odor.
Update-- Yes a one for one exchange. Now we suspect that it could be a problem of overloaded extension cord. Have tried the hairdryer at my mum's place and it worked perfectly well. Gonna get a new extension cord before plugging it at home.

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