Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Of Friday Rendezvous-- Marmalade Pantry n P.S Cafe

Palais Renaissance

Friday is one of the days I look forward to every week! We ladies take a few hours off from our daily routine and meet for late lunch and tea. It's just pure indulgence..doing nothing much but just sharing and catching up and eating :P

Nice ya~? Chris and I were fascinated with this flower
We even plucked some of it's many many many petals
*I guess this bloom doesn't come cheap*

We hopped by to Palais. R last week. I was late, and by the time I stepped foot to Marmalade Pantry , the ladies have already finished their lunch. I wasn't very happy coz their cupcakes have all sold out! Yes I have heard about the raves for their cupcakes and have been wanting to try some . So , in the end I settled for some tart.

nope! That's not my glasses..
These are Chrissy's :)
Looks like mine right? *ignore my ugly eye bags..sigh*

There you go..
the two of us in glasses :P

We didn't linger too long at Mar.pantry since there were no more cupcakes and the rest of the dessert selection doesn't seem to create any desire in us to devour them. So I whizzed the ladies off to another tai tai chic chic hangout--- P.S Cafe on the 2nd level.

Tai tais in the making...

We love this place :) It's one of those places where you can sit for hours, and didn't realise time has just gone by. The ceiling is very high, making the place airy and spacious. There are two areas, indoors, and al fresco. We chose to sit outside.

Prices at P.S Cafe are on the mid to high side. Cakes and desserts on average cost about $12 while drinks average out to about $5 for hot teas and up to $11 for fruit smoothies. Prepare about $60-$80/per person for dinner.

We had a wonderful time there that afternoon. We'll be back soon..but to the Dempsey brunch!

Ruth has already had her heart set on the blackout cake.
Here it is! Super chocolaty and yummy.

Share the sweetness with a few friends..
it's too much for one person

This is Constance's fave. Has a tangy spicy taste to it :)
Good contrast to all the chocolate


Ruth's ...

Chrissy and Cons chose this

Mine...Needed something light to go with the cakes~

Shanae makes another appearence

oh yes, check out the restroom
So cozy

Happy Shanae!!

These cafes really spend bucks on flowers
Any idea what flower is this?

Birthday flowers in my angel wings vase

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