Friday, August 01, 2008

Birthday Dinner Part One--Sun Dining

Tuesday 29th July
Sun dining @ Chijmes

I can never get tired of eating Japanese food.. I opted for Sun Dining at Chijmes for dinner with Chrissy, Eve and Nicole. Mark joined us at the last minute :) After a scrumptious dinner, we adjourned to Robertson Walk for desserts and was joined by Ruth. Thanks dear for taking the effort to come down on such a short notice..

What I like about Sun dining is the presentation of the food. It really makes a whole lot of difference! Food seems yummier :P And you feel happy eating nice looking and equally yummy food :P
Starter: Salmon Belly Salad

Grilled Scallops with spicy cheese sauce

Chicken Teriyaki

Hokkiado Ramen (mine)

Chris and Mark both had soba ..nice presentation isn't it!?

Eve's beef bowl...yummy

Warm cozy lighting...


Laurent's Cafe and Chocolate Bar
Robertson Walk

I am sorry that I didn't do much research before going to this place. I just wanted to go somewhere I haven't been to , little did I know that I'd be disappointed.

Still, we had fun cam whoring :P

Eve and I both ordered the chocolate drink with ice cream. We were expecting really strong chocolate taste , creamy and all flavorful. At first taste, I tot my taste buds was playing a fool with me. It didn't exactly tasted nice, but neither was it horrid. So I proceeded to stir the mixture, hoping to improve on the texture and taste. I was disappointed with the result. The drink was very very powdery. I suspect the drink wasn't even mixed or blended properly and it makes every mouthful a pain to drink becoz of the powdery feeling. For $7.50, we really were expecting much more than just stupid chocolate powder -_-'' I might as well drink the ice chocolate over at coffee beans

The cakes comes with a higher price tag than other cafes too. But sad to say, the taste and texture just couldn't much the price.

4 Ladies and a Girl

Thanks Chrissy and Eve for the present!

More pictures coming up..


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Isn't it great to be loved? You look fab babe! *grins*