Sunday, August 03, 2008

Birthday Dinner Part Two -Waraku Marina

Birthday Celebration Part II

Thursday 31st July
Waraku Marina

My dear Facebook buddies celebrated my birthday at Waraku Marina on Thursday :)
Apparently another group invited us for dinner the same night, but we all declined :P
I guess we are always looking for a reason or excuse to meet up and have a good meal together :)
Food at Waraku needs no introduction...

Here's what we ate that evening

I had my usual gindara hotpot
The food at waraku never fails us :)

Dear Tara was given the task of getting the cake..
Great taste girl!

Ta da~
Cheesecake on the top layer,
with sugar dough on the bottom

Thanks guys!

Lovely bright colors~!
Thanks guys for the pretti pretti flourwaaa and cake!

hahaha..only for me coz it's my birthday

here comes the kitty cats :P

me and Chris 弟弟

It's a pity I can't meet up the other group of friends (stomp gang) as much as I would like to . It's like some of them have vanished. Oh well, friends come and go. If it takes too much of an effort to keep them, I rather not then. It has to be a two way thing. No point going all the way out. Thankfully there are still a handful of us that meet regularly.

Okay, will have more updates soon. Gonna nap for awhile before I head out for dinner

PS~ * 1 Aug was my cousin's 22nd birthday :) Happy Belated Birthday dear Weimin! Have a blast down under.. Be good~ :P *


Here are the presents I received this year..Thanks to my dear family and friends!!

Vouchers, CK bag, Red Packets n a novel


ShiChen said...

Thats nice of them :)

Happy birthday from me too!

I have been mugging my butt off the last few days for my political science exam :/

Lydia said...

happy belated birthday my dear friend!

incognito said...

speaking of stomp, i think stomp30s got deleted

Anonymous said...

Eh? Am I too much effort? *blinks*

Eileen. 静 said...

SC-- will u be taking up any elective classes? or have u already? do u know there is a gamelan group in NUS? Join lah.. hehehee.. its with the SEA studies.

Lydia!-- thank you my dear..hope to meet u soon. it has been so long

Jules-- come on~~ for u how can it be an effort? we are friends!! let's do lunch soon perhaps :)