Sunday, July 13, 2008

Singapore's 43rd Birthday NDP08-National Education Show

*photo intensive post*

The Lims at the National Day Parade 08--National Education Show

As with the previous years, I tried my hands at balloting for the NDP tics..but to no avail this year. It was a delight when Chrissy told me that she is able to get preview tickets! She's one of the teachers from her school to 'chaperon' the students for their practices and performances.

It really makes a difference being at the parade itself , soaking in the cheer and the whole celebratory atmosphere. This is my first time watching the parade at it's new venue. I have been to other NDPs at the stadium and Padang, and in comparison, I would still prefer the old venues.
The backdrop of Marina bay just spoils the whole feel :P

Anyway, Chrissy parked over at Shaw towers and we strolled over to the bay. We were all donned in red except for Mark ( He took part in the Osim triathlon earlier in the morning~ ) .

Getting to our seats was a breeze..there weren't any pushing nor chaos. The ushers were friendly and helpful enough. I must say we had quite a nice view of the stage.

It seems almost obligatory to experience the baking in the sun before the start of the program. The slight drizzle in the noon did nothing to the weather after that. The sun was shining brightly and harsh! Everyone was drench in perspiration~ eeks. We welcomed the breeze and cooler weather by early evening, just before the start of the performances :) Ok! Without further delay.. here are the photos!

ps: The mass displays were so so..nothing fantastic :P but still it was pretty colorful and eye catching enough to watch. We love the red lions and black knights!! Everyone seems to be waiting for these two . The best is still the fireworks! How can anyone not like fireworks!! :P

Under the umbrella, ella, ella :P

Cutie in red

Mark and his caffeine
I don't like the noise

Total Defence Contingents
Man in screen--Parade Sergent Major

The flyer

Adrian of the hosts

Line up of the hosts comes the Red Lions~

Soaring in the sky!

Cheering on for the Lions
She's so enthusiastic!

Black Knights!!

Airshow.. wow..

Nice costumes

Bright colorful 'balloons'
There were many many people over at the Merlion and adjoining bridge
They were there quite early..

Night falls
Look at the wonderful displays of cranes in the backgroud :X

Singer Jacintha
She didn't even bothered to fake a smile
throughout her performance.
The VIPs weren't present mah...

Christine's school mass display


We have no idea what was this performance about..nor
what was the message it was trying to deliver
Whimsical and fairy tale like though~

The statues were suppose to rise
But the one in the middle had some technical clinch :P

Sprouting water~
Water is good.. means prosperity haha

The finale
Everyone is awaiting for the fireworks!

Wow! Here comes the fireworks
It was just right in front of us :)

~~I love fireworks~~

Okay folks~ That was it. We were there from 4.15 -8.30pm!! Nicole got hungry and chomped down one of the buns in the fun pack. The rest of us were tired, hungry and sticky after the parade. It was another stroll back to the car and off we went for teochew porridge at Kovan.

oops! Nearly forgot to mention about the fun pack. I guess the authorities are also on a budget lah Bo lui!! That bad huh..had to give out 'paper' bag as fun pack.... look at the funpack ... so unlike the past years :X Look at the difference in pictures below

Taken from the NDP website

"The artwork by the students is a collage of their perspectives of the Singapore Spirit based on their personal experiences. And lastly the “Green” theme introduces the element of being environmental friendly and practical. The Funpack is made from the highly recyclable Tetra Pak, a familiar packaging material. "

I wouldn't expect anyone to be actually bringing this bag out :o no offense to those who likes it.
It looks like a normal paper bag.. hardly functional.

Some of the stuff in the pack

This is the me carrying the fun pack from NDP 2006
The last parade at the Stadium.
This funpack is functional..
Students actually used it as a schoolbag..


Julian said...

Nice pics...and such a sweetie in red!

Eileen. 静 said...

blink ah? hahhhhaa
i know not me lah.. Nicole is really a sweetie.. i love her to bits :)

W.A Musxzart said...

OMG, the goodie bag is so absurd. paper bag? and so little things only this year? what happened? i always look forward to their goodie bags every year. i think this year is by far the worst!

hahahaha.. oh well..

Eileen. 静 said...

yah..made of those yeo's drink packaging..

there are some other things in the pack..i didn't include those . Nothing lah.. medicated oil, one packet of snack from ntuc.. nothing fantastic.. :P