Saturday, July 12, 2008

A couple of hours away from the concrete jungle

Revisit to Dempsey Dome + Ben & Jerry's

I love such sudden getaways :) It was a leisure afternoon spend with Chrissy, Ruth and Constance (Chris' colleague)

Lunch for the day
Barley Cream Chicken 'Pie'

Constance's Steak

Our fave. wedges

Little Shanae~! She has grown so much :)

We hopped over to Ben & Jerry's after lunch
for some irresistible fattening ice cream :X

It was my first visit to this Ben & Jerry's

Heee..I feel like a dwarf ...

volkswagen van

Weeee...let's go for a joy ride

We spend half the time taking pics and blue toothing one another much so that Constance had the illusion that she's out with 3 teenagers ! We were twiddling the whole time with our phones ...just like kids :P

Seated outside Ben n Jerry's swing chair :)

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