Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Midweek pictorial post :)

Do you eat to live, or live to eat? I for one live to eat :P Kekeke.

How can anyone Not like food? I mean eating delicious food is one thing, to eat healthily is another . We should all eat in moderation. Nah...I am not advocating you to eat just veggies. Go ahead and eat what you like! ( Only if your body and health condition allows you!) But remember to watch your health :P

What did Eileen eat in the past few days


Been craving for this!! Honey mustard dressing is a must! hmmm....


Organic Glutinous much as it was yummy, it was a tad too ex~~ Only had mere pieces of lap chong....

Dessert : Chestnut and corn
Blah~ Wouldn't order this is mostly starch..I only managed half of what u see here.

Quite moment alone, before I begin my hectic day

Boom Mic...furry furry...

Teochew Porridge after NDP preview

The little impish one showing us that she can use a chopstick! See how elated she is

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Julian said...

Is there non-organic rice to begin with??? And Yikes Organic or not glutinous rice is just sinful!

And Yes I love food too! ;)