Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Would I wanna spend my dollars here again? Guess not

It was yet another cozy foodie gathering with my facebook friends. There is always a reason or another to create a dinner meet up :) This time round it was to celebrate Gab's birthday. It doesn't matter that we were a tad late ( his actual bday is over)...it's the thought that counts right? :)Dinner for the evening was at this tuck in the corner Japanese restaurant --Kado Man (Grand Plaza Hotel) . I have noticed this place for the longest time, but just didn't get to eat there.

I would say that the food on the whole is decent.. they have a wide variety of ramen and the cold ramen is nice. The noodle has a chewy , springy texture to it. But at $15.90, I would say that it's on the expensive side coz it's just sliced cucumber, tamago, some seaweed and a thin slice of char siew. I wouldn't eat it again..not if it's at this price.

Would I go back here again? hmmm..tough choice..for the price per person that night, I guess I would say no. I rather spend my dollars elsewhere. I think I still prefer the ramen over at Marutama

Found this on the net :P
Can u see the mustard on the side? You can choose not to mix it in ... up to you.

Some peektures taken ~~

Sake for you?

Airflown Unagi from Japan
Must eat~!

Ebi Tempura..the prawns are big :)

Sashimi --Fresh and thickly sliced..

Here's the gang with Bday boy :)

Enjoying his chocolate halo

10 Coleman Street
#01-21 Grand Plaza Parkroyal Hotel
Tel: 6339 4333


Elaxiiz said...

HELLO AUNTIE JING!!! How have you been? This is jenson btw.. It has been a long time since I seen you from stomp :) hope you read this and drop by and say hi!

Eileen. 静 said...

helo jenson boy boy!! yes yes.u have to caps those words huh.. okay..i will drop by stomp just for ya~~

for the record..jenson boy is only 14..so technically he is allowed to address me that way..the rest of u unless is younger or about his age..can't address me that hahhha :P