Sunday, July 06, 2008

I am not a rice bin...I don't like rice :P

Eileen's Eats for the week

Mum's rendition of Hokkien Mee of my fav. by mum

Went over Chrissy's for dinner on Tues.
She whipped up a mean black pepper minced beef udon :) Honestly I dislike udon but I finish everything in my plate ~ ~ thanks chrissy

lunch at Goldhill *Novena sliced fish soup*
Worthy of the $4. Fish is superbly fresh

Dinner was Swenson's @ Funan after gadget shopping with him

I whipped up a simple meal for grandma and aunt :)
Could have been better if I make a trip to ntuc.. boy was I in a lazy mood :P

Can you tell that I don't really eat rice? Yes..i am not a rice person..unless it's chicken rice or nasi lemak rice with oodles of sambal chilli :P I can finish an entire plate of chicken rice. That's really bad! The combination of the chicken and chilli just send tingles down my spine heheee.. Other than that, I normally don't like rice. I am a ramen, kway tiao, thick/thin bee hoon and soba girl :P


Induction of Pooh to the office

Haven't posted my pic for awhile..

Here's me with my new top. Some of you girls should know the brand Joop. They have the exact same print , same material in their shop , just different pattern going for $49. I got mine from this fashion at $23 hehee

Movie for the weekend-- Hancock

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PinkHippo said...

Actually, I have been taking this for a long long time.

Novena fish soup used to be better during his parent's time ... Nowadays, their mixed rice seems to be more popular than fish soup!

Glad to know that you enjoy it! Yes! I am gonna to have this for lunch tomorrow.