Thursday, July 10, 2008

晓静的旧曲介绍 (Do you still remember these songs? )

最近常常想起一些成年往事。毕竟我的生日快到了。。我往往都在这时回想起过去一些无法忘怀的美好时光。想着想着,心便纠成一团。 一些曾做过, 曾经历的事。。多希望都是一场梦。 这些记忆我想都会一辈子跟着我

Have been watching some old mtv on youtube. Some of these songs meant a lot to me years ago. I guess my memory bank isn't all that good.. I can't remember most of the lyrics. Was in the car the other day, and we were singing some of these old songs. I had to paused and think hard for the lyrics, yet he can just sing those songs and remember most of the lyrics just like that. Here are some of them..

There are many more songs I would wanna post ..but I guess it's just these for now.. watch out for part 2 of my recommendation :)

*note to lynn n jandy -- no..i didn't include our fave. song hahaha.. that song is too overrated *

My fave.Faye Wong song

His fave Faye Wong song

How can I leave Jacky Cheung out..
I love this song very much

.His debut song in the late 80s!!
Look at those big glasses :P

蘇慧倫 - 哭過的天空
early 90s

周华健- 有故事的人


Admin said...

Oh yes.. some of these are my favourites. Especially Tarcy Su ! :)

Oh.. I feel so old sia ! :)

Eileen. 静 said...

yeah..these songs brings back lots of memories..

heheee..i will dig out more oldies in time to come