Saturday, July 19, 2008

Night Festival at the National Museum

I was joined by Chrissy, Nicole and Mark ( some of Chris' cell group mates were there too ) for this wonderful event! How can we miss this chance of watching this lovely free performance by Studio Festi

The National Museum is having a Night Festival this weekend *18-19 July* and next *25-26July* There will be performances around the museum as well as the grounds next to SMU. Stamford Road will also be closed for these 4 nights :)

We were kinda 'late' in securing a good standing view for the event.. It was stated to start at 9pm and we were there only at 8.50pm :P Both pavements near the Museum and SMU was filled with spectators, most of them crowding near the front of the museum. We couldn't move forward, hence had to settle at the side of the museum.

It was a sheer test of patience as well as endurance of the humidity ~~!!! The program only started at 9.30pm...So all in all, we stood at the grounds of the museum for 1.5 hours.. But it was all worth while..

Here are some of the lousy pictures I took using my phone.. *kicks self for not bringing proper camera*

The Dancing Sky by Studio Festi ( aerial preforming group from Italy)

Dancers and props are perched/lifted high up with the help of wires/ropes and cranes. At least 3 strong men were needed to pull the ropes each time the dancers are high up in the sky. We oooh and wow at the dancers and how at ease they were high up there. They made twirling in the air seems effortless~~

Quite enchanting...and abit spooky! hehee


Found some nicer pics on Flickr

You have to be there to experience the mystical performance

Ballerina and the piano ( we presumed the piano to be a fake)

Source and credit--onekell

There are two more of the above performance tonight at 9pm and 11pm . Stamford Road will be close so you have to park else where and walk to the museum if you are driving. Be prepared to squeeze with the crowd, and dress light. Go early if you wanna secure a better 'seat' in the center :)

It is free admission to the museum itself if you are interested in the exhibits. They close at 2am today and next weekend :)

After standing for 1.5hours, we simply had to take a breather in the museum . So we made a beeline for the entrance and were greeted with this !! hahahaa

magnifique !

ahem... hugh statue isn't it

Go watch the performance! For more info , visit these sites

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