Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friday afternoon rendezvous

Yet another stolen Friday afternoon with dear Chrissy and Ruth! This time round we went for Hi tea at Marriott hotel. I think i am repeating myself here, but never mind. It is really hard for friendship to come by as we get older :P So, I am really glad that Ruth and I get along really well. It helps that we are in the same age range ....

The three of us are planning to meet on Friday afternoons for our little rendezvous (if work doesn't come in our way) We have a few cafes and resturants lined up already for the next few Fridays! It's just a little treat for ourselves :) But cannot eat hi tea all the time.. too ex lah, we are not some lady of leisure you know :D

I would say that the hi tea at Marriott isn't lip smacking good for the price we paid. But they have sashimi that wasn't all so bad. Pity I didn't really load myself with it that day :P I sampled a bit of everything and was way way too full after 2 rounds.

Donunts, muffins, scones and tarts

Pretty dessert spread..

Ruth said the jell-o has the taste of childhood

Want some?

Shanae says I want food, give me give me!!


I popped by Thomas' new place with lunch for him and Mus before meeting the girls. They just moved to a lovely rented shophouse a stone's throw away from my place!

I love love love the peranakan tiles!

So quaint .....

Thomas soaking in the neigbourhood........

We're gonna have so much fun at shophouse!

Windows on the 2nd floor


Went for music practice on Wednesday.... with a bottle of jelly beans. Never had I known that a bottle of jelly beans can bring so much fun to some of my friends. Heeee..

They love popping the can!! It makes a loud pop sound when being pressed down. Sometimes it's amazing how such little things can be so entertaining :P and brings out the child in us :)

Yat and Kim figuring out the different flavours

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