Friday, July 25, 2008

It's a hectic week..i'm swarmed!

The weather today's great for lazyin in bed. Alas I do not have such luck to do so. I'm totally swarmed with work and personal stuff this wk and will be stuck in this mode for the next few days. Anyway the countdown has started! Yup..countdown to my bday hee hee. Just wanna say thanks to dear Karen for the above isetan vouchers. More pics later! ps: I am blogging this via my phone. Am so sleepy right now. All I wanna do is to play that car racing game on his psp (it's just right in my bag now!!) but I can't do that hahahaa. AAAARRRRHHHHHH. I wish I have a clone at times like this. Oh yea, brother gave me a novel for my coming bday. Thanks dear! Will read it in August!

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