Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hooked on K dramas again

I had a pretty pretty rough Tuesday morning. Can't say much now.. it was a close brush with death! :P ok ok..i am just exaggerating

This is a boring entry... let me just show you what I have acquired in the past few weeks. Nothing fantastic...didn't manage to take pics of some of the clothes. Will add that later.

I want more more more... of coz i need more $$$

New sunscreen...

Have yet to master the art of drawing eyeliners

lipgloss on sale

Dangling earrings

Slip ons from Pretty Fit

Sandals from Charles n Keith


Just completed watching "heart of 19" korean drama. Yes yes.. I am behind times. This is a rather dated drama. The lead actress is very very cute! and pretty.. I can add this drama to my list of favorite K dramas :)
So now I am planning to watch her latest drama--- King and I.

koo hye sun
So sweet...

Should I buy this? Or is it already on the net :P


jujube said...

Gosh. that's a lot of shopping done :D Has it something to do with July being the pamper-Eileen month again? -blinks-

Eileen. 静 said...


jade dear.. i know u are as much of a shoppaholic like me :P hehehe..

yes yes.. it's pamper eileen mth!! :P

ShiChen said...

Hmm I'm back to watching anime alot as well. School has started and I'm swamped with work. Argh :/

Eileen. 静 said...

hey SC.. been so long since u drop by. So which part of nus u hang around? maybe i can try to bump into u ? hehe..u should drop by to say hi on wed. evening around LT 11