Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eileen's weekly food entry

Tea Time with Karen ( gossip session hahha )


Pre Birthday Dinner with Family :)

Had a simple tze char dinner with family at our neighborhood coffeeshop. Food is awesome. Cheap and yummy

I am happy as long as there is cereal prawn!


Botak Jones Toa Payoh

Was I glad to get my order done before the crazy botak fans started queuing up. It was a breeze for me, no que at all. But 20 mins later.. *see photo*

Oooh. I didn't know so many people like B.J *botak jones lah!*
This place is packed at 7pm..

How's salad $4

As usual, I couldn't finish
*they have reduce d serving of fries*

He cleared his plates

Notice any difference?
Hair is now shorter n neater


incognito said...

botak jones is over-rated imo

Eileen. 静 said...

yah lah..true.. it is over rated

i don't go there becoz i like the food..

we were at nearby vicinity and b.jones was just round the corner