Saturday, June 07, 2008

No...I have not abandon my blog.. i just kinda slacked :P

What have I been up to?

--Spending time with Chrissy and Nicole
--Catching up on my dramas {Desperate housewives, Grey's anatomy and Ugly betty}
--Managing some rather impt issues with regards to my life

So..there you go. I have not abandon my blog. No matter what, I will still return to it..albeit with some changes :x

Moving along... Picture time!

Paying Ruth and Shanae a visit!

I have been looking forward to meeting Ruth again since mths ago :) It's not easy making new girl friends especially those that you can click with ! Despite the not meeting up, we managed to communicate over MSN and surprisingly have 'poured our hearts out' over ex bfs and some growing up stories :)

All I can say is friends are hard to come by after a certain age ahahah so I guess she's a keeper :)

So, the lunch time visit was arranged couple of weeks ago..and this also marked my 2nd visit to Yew tee :P my first was 3 yrs ago ..can still remember it vividly ..

Ruth and Shanae :)

Nicole absentmindedly left her bear at Ruth's
Hehe..we were at the carpark when Ruth
called to inform us..
Hell will break loose if Nic is without her bear...

lalaaala..what is Chrissy drawing?

Delicious noodles that Ruth cooked!

Room with a view..

Ruth's place is cozy, with framed photos of happy moments donning the piano and cabinets :) It was a afternoon well spent with the girls :) Let's do it soon!

After taking our leave from Yew tee, Chrissy drove us back to familiar grounds. We had wanted to go shopping at Vivo, but at the junction at Alexandar Rd.. Ikea's meatballs and chicken wings called out to us and in that split second, the lust for food got the better of us...argh. hahhha

Paying Ikea a visit
oooh.. we can't get enough of this~~

and this too!!

The first thing that caught Nicole's eyes was the children's playroom. She was so delighted to notice it and had wanted to enter . Both of us thought it would be a good experience for her since she will be attending full time play group next week.

Mummy..I wanna go play!

But guess what! She started wailing 2 mins after going in. She didn't quite 'hear' us when we told her we wouldn't be going in with her. So off came the tag and she just wanted to come out. After some walking around and satisfying our tummies on chicky wings and meatballs, the little girl wanted to go inside the playroom again!

She said that she's happy now and wouldn't cry. So off she went..but was quite insecure being along inside all by herself. Chris and I stood around the entrance where she can see she ran back and forth making sure we were there ! Chris had to assure her that we'd be there..

Aiyo I tell you for the first 20 mins that's what she was doing :P I guess she's afraid that mummy will leave her there.. Anyway, just as I thought, after she got so engross with the slides and being around the kids, she kinda forgot about checking on us. We sorta hide ourselves away from her sight and we went away after seeing her having fun :) Let's hope it goes as smoothly as this when she goes to playgroup next week..

Godma! Look at my new hat!!


Qian Hu Fish Farm

Paying the fishes *another* visit! :)

The fish spa is additive! Chris read about my visit and wanted to do like wise.. so on another free and easy afternoon, I introduced her to the fishy treatment~ Boy was she hook~~ hehee

Love these blood parrot fish! Look at their faces :P
and strangely they all stayed at the bottom of the tank..
not one was swimming near the surface!

The little one was bored when Chris and I were doing the fish spa
Just look at her ! hahaha
"mummy.. i want to catch fish''
Like I mentioned , they do have longkang fishing *using small net* to catch guppies..
So she was going on and on about it.until it started to rain...

30 mins seems like decades to a 3 yr old...
got bored and decided to lie on my lap ..looking out at the rain..

Yup,she got her wish...we went longkang fishing..but it wasn't easy!
Chris and I took turns to capture the fish..yeah..we caught about 7 of them after 45 mins
Not bad..we got to exchange those we caught for healthy fish at the end of it all and also got a tiny tank to house them :)

up up and away! Godma..come fly with me...


Baguita said...

Ahhh! So fun! I would wanna go out with nicole one day :(

Anonymous said...

You were on holiday too???