Sunday, June 08, 2008

Kung Fu Panda-- Funny and Entertaining

Movie of the week

Kung Fu Panda

Yes it is an animated production but one filled with 'stars' no less. Some of my fav. stars ( Lucy Liu, Jacky Chan, Angelina Jolin ) lend their voices to these cute animated characters. Caught this movie with some of my facebook pals :) I totally enjoyed that 95 mins and it was a good break from reality. One thing though, you may wanna catch this movie at a later time slot as we were seated amongst many kids at 4.40pm. Inevitable you say for this is a cartoon.

But it was avoidable say if you watch it say at midnight :P There was chatter through out the movie and at one point, there was even a crying child -_-'' Thankfully I wasn't too distracted by all these but it could have been better.

Anyway I like the theme of the story-- Have faith and believe that you can do it :)

Try to listen for the voices of the stars.. I think Jacky Chan only have 3 lines in the movie :P

Po the panda and his master, Shifu ( red panda)
Jack black is the voice to Po n Dustin Hoffman is voice to Shifu

Using food to motivate Po to learn gong fu~~


27 Dresses
(watched on my tiny screen)

Typical storyline . Nothing much to say about it, just that it was entertaining and funny at some parts. I watched becoz I like Katherine Heigl :) Some of those dresses she wore in the movie's really silly and ugly :p

Katherine Heigl, one of the lead from Grey Anatomy played
the role of a girl who has been a bridesmaid for 27 times

James Marsden (the prince from 'Enchanted') played the role of a reporter whom fall
for Katherine while covering an article on her.
Kinda like him...

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