Wednesday, June 04, 2008

PMS just doesn't go hand in hand with loud noises

With the bodily discomfort mthly issue I am having, I just wanted a quiet day at home, perhaps just laze in bed reading my books. However, it doesn't seem quite possible now as I am very disturbed by the drilling and hacking that is going on a few floors away. It may not be that bad on any other day, however it seem to be extremely loud and painful to my ears today ! It just adds on to whatever physical and emotional discomfort I am feeling . ARGH! Why must it be today!

ok ok...just calm down..

I just need to switch to my nice blog mood for now before I start getting agitated again..

Monday 2 June 08

Purvis Street

Chicky rice with Chris, Mark and Nicole. This is the one that is near to Raffles Hotel, one that I tried for the first time. Chicken is just so so.. I guess I would much prefer Yet Con and Chin Chin :)

If there is any reason to return to this eatery, it would be for this
thai style tofu dish. It is very soft inside and the sauce is nice

It was off to the library with Chris and Nicole after lunch. This marks Nicole's first visit to a public library. She loves books and it makes more sense borrowing them as some books can cost a hefty!

The children's section was filled with parents and kids alike. One terrible place actually. I am sure some of you know how bitchy naughty some kids can be. Even though it was crowded, there were still a few available kiddy chairs lying around the reading area. So Nicole noticed two next to where a girl (whose about 5 yr old ) was seated with her mum.

Nicole and I went over and wanted to move the chair to another corner and as we were doing that, the girl exclaimed loudly to her mum that she wants that chair.. I was like ..what! You have one chair already, why would you want another one?! The mum thankfully tried to reason with her daughter but I didn't bother to say thanks or whatsoever as it is the library's property anyway. Anyone can use it.

I guess this was a good exposure to Nicole becoz she will be attending 'school' next week! Yup, she'll be in full day play group starting next Tuesday. I bet the first few days are gonna be a trying time for both her and Chris. It will take her a while to get adjusted to this change in her lifestyle. Oh well, really hope Nicole doesn't get bullied by the naughty kids.

I took them both on a joy ride up on the elevator to the 14th storey . You should go try the elevator.. adrenaline pumping hehe

My Alma mater
Can you see how small my secondary school was?
I spend 4 wonderful years here..
So many moments and memories ..
well let's leave that for another entry on another day!

Former St Anthony's Convent

All done and ready to bring the books home!

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incognito said...

oh yah i rem a few years ago me and my fren took the lift to the top floor and back down again. the view is very good