Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Eileen's uninspired moment

Oky.. I am bored..

21 inch LCD monitor
Wallet( can't decide upon the brand )

Short getaway

My mind's away somewhere.... quite restless.. where's my excitment? Right, pls don't mind me.. I am just blabbering as usual when I am bored. Oops, that's the 2nd time the word bored has appeared in this short entry..

Oh yeah, I just finished watching a soon to be release movie titled "21". Will review on it when it opens here in a week or two ..so watch this space.

How many of you know that I never had a liking for accounts and accounting related work..hhahha.. and now..I have to meddle learn Quickbooks. Lalalalalaa... See how happy I am.. right.

End note:

Cute project for kids and big kids alike :)
Credit to stripy sock studio

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incognito said...

i also want a psp