Sunday, June 15, 2008

hor fun diet and other revelry

I am having a very quiet weekend...hope things will pick up next week :) Here's a quick update

Thursday Lunch

It isn't an everyday event to be able to get a lunch date with my dear tai tai/SAHM friend, Karen :P It just so happen that she caught me on msn the day b4 . Took her mths b4 she set up her msn at home again :P

So lunch was to be settled at this corner coffeeshop along Beach Road. I have been there once b4. Karen loves the coffee and their toast buns...they are not the yakun style. It's the soft bun kind, with generous spread of butter and kaya :) We had a bun each besides our lunch. We saw lots of office crowd eating either the claypot horfun or yee we had that too..assuming that it was nice. We were so wrong.. food tasted bland.. so we had to add the chilli padi to enhance it. One good thing was food was kept pipping hot bcoz of the claypot.

I am on a hor fun diet!

Here's Karen spotting short hair too!
Looking good my friend!
Now dun kill me... * candid shot*

It has been a long time since I last met her kids. We went to fetch them from their holiday enrichment class around the area after lunch and shopping.

Meixuan (pri 2 ) is a very outgoing and spirited girl~
Yes, I am spotting a much shorter fringe..

couldn't stand it when it was longer..made my forehead so oily

the kids seated all the way right behind..making funny faces
when I told them to pose for a shot

Karen dear...let's meet up soon again. Thanks for the advice :)

Saturday dinner

This was quite an impromptu dinner plan. Old pal mr p. called and was surprised to find me at home. Yes, I didn't go anywhere after work..blah! So we promptly made plans to have dinner at some coffeeshop around my area.

Hor fun again!
See...told ya I am on a hor fun diet :P
Lousy hor fun..another bland one..
comes with 2 miserable prawns shrimps

Haven't had gassy drink in a while..
nice can~ so un coke like :P

Took a walk along the 'river'


End note

Cool finds here

Stress ball

add some animals to your shelves

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