Monday, June 16, 2008

~~Eileen's Recommendation-- 5 mobile phone games to keep you entertained~~

These are great when you are stuck in jam * of coz you have to be the passenger in the car* or in a bus , taxi , or when the mrt train broke down for some stupid reason. Basically mobile phone games are good for passing time. ( for someone who doesn't own a psp or any other hand held game ) Also good when you wanna avoid converstation with the *kaypoh auntie, nerd, gossip monger * from office during lunch. Just hide behind the tiny screen and play away :P

Here are a few that I am currently hooked on . Some may not be the latest..but they sure provide hours of fun!


You will go thru a series of obstacles and you have to 'draw' either lines or shapes to aid the runner to overcome those obstacles. You may think it sounds easy but darn..I got those 6 lines and shapes mixed up!

review --Rollercoaster 3D

I can say that this is by far one of the best games I ever played on my phone. By that I mean it really kept me entertain as I wanna get the best scores and also wanna break my own high scores.

You have to ensure that your themepark goers are having fun and these are reflected on the smiling faces during the ride itself. Collect awards as you go along and the higher the scores, the more stars you get..the more rides you unlock.

review--Tower Bloxx Deluxe

I first played this game on my cousin's Nokia phone. I was hooked since.. and went in search of the game.

Remember how you like to build towers and high rise using lego bricks as a child? this is the virtual version hehee. You need a steady hand and good judgment as to when to drop the cube one by one down to the ground from the swaying crane. Your residents increase when you are able to build a neat precise tower. There is also city building involve as you build more and more towers and buildings :)

Review--Need for Speed Carbon 3D

This is quite an old game but still fun to play as you try to beat your opponent and earn as much cash as you can each race in order to upgrade your car

Review--Hollywood Hospital

This game involve lots of observation and reading of the instructions! You have to manage staff of nurses and doctors , help to improve their lives by finding out what are their problems and solve each of them as u go along the game :P

There are many more I like, but I guess these 5 should be able to keep you entertained for a while. I didn't had to fork out a cent for these..

Just go here! I am sure you can find a game or two that caters to your taste buds :P Remember to register' s free~!

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