Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Escapade-- HortPark adventure

I love idyllic Mondays! What can be better than having some free time to just roam around ..doing things that we wanna do :)

It was a bright sunny day..a day too good to be lazying indoors. So we ( Chrissy, Maria n me) found ourselves out at one of the latest park created by NPark . Before we go on...just take note that this is a photo intensive post

Here we are~~

Posing at the car park garden :P

Come , let's go in!

" The main aim of the HortPark is to promote gardening as a hobby and lifestyle as well as to showcase the horticulture and landscape industry in S'pore." ( cut and paste from the brochure :P)

There are different theme gardens in the park , some showcasing landscape sponsored by companies . Some of the theme garden include the herb and spice garden, seed garden and recycling garden amidst the others. We love the mock up house~It is an air conditioned 'house' where one can see how plants can enhance our lives as well as liven up our living space :)

Kids will love this place for there are lawns for them to roam around as well as a playground to waste their boundless energy.

Make pretend in the 'house'

How about some plants for you room?

cozy corner
Don't you wish you have a garden too?

Moving along... the park upon entrance

We braved the sun and walked briskly around the different theme gardens

Let's take a look at the recycling garden!

Creativity can go a long way!

I love this!!

Different landscapes
Wanna go for a dip?

Outdoor tent with bbq at the side
(Seeking 'refuge' from the harsh sun! )

Haha..just realised I have not posted Maria's pic
Here she is :P

Another cozy corner

sun in my eye...

Strange looking flower or bud?

have a pet plant!
u can buy this from the hortmart

We can't escape from the concrete jungle even in a park!!


So many things to explore!

was trying to 'copy' one of the shots we saw hehe

Alright folks.. that's all the time I have for u tonight.
The bed is beckoning ...

Ps: we did walk a short part of the Alexandra arch bridge ...but simply couldn't go on becoz of the heat.. Well, I will be up there soon..and with proper walking shoes, cap and water!

For more info :


33 Hyderabad Road, off Alexandra road
Singapore 119578


ShiChen said...

at first when i saw, I thought u went bottle tree park lol

cendrine said...

erm this place looks interesting. maybe i can bring zann along to see see.. :P