Saturday, June 21, 2008

From the desk of the sleepy one-TCC Anchorpoint

It's the weekends again.. is yours filled with activities? Or are you simply gonna spend it by catching up on the much needed sleep? :P

Anyway, just a quick update before I go off to prepare for a bbq this late noon at ECP.


We had initially wanted to dine at the Disney restaurant cafe. You can say that we were attracted to the colorful pictures we saw in a forwarded email and wanted to bring Nicole there.

Imagine our disappointment when we realised it was nothing but a simple fast food like setting and the menu had little to offer us. Thankfully Nicole didn't insist on going in.

So the next best alternative was the Disney's neighbour, TCC . It has a very European setting, like those french cafes and the ambiance was kinda appealing .

We were seated by the window:)

Wedges with cheese~!

Chrissy's extra spicy alio olio

Extra bulky chicken n mushroom sandwich for me :P
This was a mess to eat..

Nicole and her friend...Bob

More updates later..
gotta go ... tata

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