Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't guys tell each other if they have food stains on their faces?

We were at MacD. last night and saw this at the table in front of ours.

Two boys, roughly about late teens to early 20s were eating and chatting away. Just another ordinary scene playing out in almost any other fast food restaurant right? Almost.

I mean I wouldn't even take a 2nd look at the boys but something about one of the boys (the one seated facing me ) just simply caught my attention. Not that he has 3 eyes or two noses nor was he exceptionally good looking.

It was this stupid white food stain on the left corner of his mouth!! I dunno what caused the stain; he could have eaten some ice cream or it was the tartar sauce residue from the fish fillet burger.

Whatever it was, he was oblivious to it. I know it was quite lame even of me to blog about it..but maybe I am anal..I kept wondering why that friend of his didn't bother telling this 'mouth with a stain guy' about it?

Don't guys tell each other if they have food stains on their faces? Oh wait, perhaps that friend of his is a scrupulous and selfish boy, gloating at his friend's white mole? This is the same thing with food scraps stuck in between teeth. Why don't people just inform their friends about it? Are they worried that it may embarrass the person? What is embarrasing is for the person to walk many blocks back to their offices, or to go shopping with the stain left on the corner of their mouths!

Now, here's my question.

Would you have tell your lunch partner/bf/gf/spouse/mum/dad/friend that there is a stain on their faces ( food stuck in teeth) ? Or it really depends on how important the person is to you?

As for me..*points finger at self* Well ya, I would tell the person I am with that there is a food stain. I mean, I would want someone to tell me if I have a food stain you know! hahaha. Though usually I would have known the minute there is a stain, but of coz sometimes we may be too engross in our food or in the company we are with, we become oblivious to the presence of the stain.

So friends ...I mean my friends, pls DO tell me that I have a food stain on my face when the need arises. Rest assured you will be informed too if you get your mouth messy or when there is a veggie stuck in your teeth *unless I am in a naughty mood that day* hehe.

If we were to have a meal together , and you knew I had a stain, and for some dumbass reason wouldn't tell me about it, I would be really sad and disappointed when I looked into my mirror. Friends don't do this to one another.

So there you go.. Remember, be nice and tell them. ^_^

PS: no..I can't just go up to the boy and tell him about the stain. Coz he is not a friend. Quite an irony I know..coz here I am wanting my friends to tell me and yet I didn't lend a hand to this poor stranger boy. But wouldn't it have been funny if I signal to him about it? hahaha.. I can't imagine. And no, this is not the same with 'sir ,your pants isn't zip' situation.


Baguita said...

Cool, must eat with you more often to try it out :P

Anonymous said...

I would *raise hands* but not to strangers lah...

ShiChen said...

Er that was a strange entry lol

Haven't been dropping by lately, been swamped with school stuff..

sian :(

Julian said...

Wow you sure have given a lot of thought into this eh? :D

W.A Musxzart said...

erm, i will tell you lah, but in a more glam way.. hahahaha

but if i dun like the people, they will be ignored..

so u better tell me ok if there is nonsense on my mouth.. hahahaha

Eileen. 静 said...

julian--o_O err.. did i? well..could be the medication at work you know.. or just simply going in tht mirco of this issue :p hehe

SC--werid meh? at least it got your attention heee.. hope school has been fun!

nikeez-- one word about your blog header pic---arggghhh~~~~~~i was prepared for it ..judging by your dead cockroach monikier . cool blog though!

maria--sure sure.. let's see who gets a stain first :P

incognito said...

in the past my friends have told me if i have food stain on my face or on my teeth. and yes i will ley dem know if anything on their face or teeth