Sunday, June 29, 2008

My expensive meddical consultation on a Sunday

Being the only clinic that is open in my estate on a Sunday, I was being charged $54 for my inflammation of throat , congested lungs and cough. That's like double of what I usually pay at the other clinic~ I seldom see this doctor unless no today, being the only doc around. Oh well.. The doc just used the stethoscope on me for a min and answered 3 of my questions and he pocketed $15 for consultation -_-'' I forgot to get my BP checked..darn.

The antibiotics (CYCIN) cost $25!!


I am a big muji fan. Just bought a few bottles of new drinks to try..but guess I have to just keep them in the fridge till I am better.

These two were featured in Thursday's Urban (Straits Times)

Have tried the plum n apple juice *on the right*
Tasted slightly sourish . You can eat the fruit
$1.90 each

Konnyaku 蒟蒻 Juice*$1.90 each*
This is not sweet and quite refreshing. Slightly jellyfied becoz of the konnyaku
Mos burger has this drink too..but have not tried that.
left-lychee, right-mango

Caught two movies over the weekend

Friday-- The Happening

Will review it later :P

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Julian said...

Yup I'm a muji fan too and I couldn't drink the konyaku (er spelling correct?) drink till I shook it! ha ha