Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Of Deception and the not so Happening


The movie was chosen for that evening not based on the story , but rather, based on the casts. It's hard to resist a movie with names like Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor and Maggie Q.

The story buildup was rather slow paced at the beginning and I was getting bored. But thankfully Hugh Jackman was really charming and suave in the movie , so at least I got some eye candy. Ewan Mc. had a nerdy look as his character was an accountant who lead quite a normal life , with not much thrills going on.

By the crafty arrangement of Hugh Jackman (played role of a crook), Ewan got introduced to a sex club (no names were exchanged, no conversations, and the person who calls up always says "are you free tonight" ) . That's also when his life turned 180 degree around. He walked right into the trap set by Hugh but managed to get out of it at the end of the story. There's always a twist to such at least that got me going "ooohhh"

I was expecting to see some action from Maggie Q, but she only gets less than 5 mins of screen time :/ just a small fry in the movie. But oh boy was she sexy :P

This movie is rated M18

The Happening

The bees are disappearing.....

With "Six sense" being one of my fav. movie, I was hoping that The happening would be just as good. But most of the reviews I heard/read gave the movie a so so rating. I guess the movie is still enjoyable but I have my grouses. I don't like the female lead (Zooey Deschanel). I have no idea who is she..and she has this glassy eyes that seems to be unable to focus. I can't feel any chemistry between her and Mark Wahlberg in the movie.

If The Happening had another title, it would have to be "The many ways you can kill yourself "
Seriously.. the characters in the movie were zombiefied after being affected by the strange gust of wind and kills themselves either by using pen to stab themselves on the neck, lying down waiting for the tractor to crush their bodies, and how about drawing your own gun and shooting yourself in the cranium. This movie is nothing short of blood and gore. I had to use my jacket to shed myself from the screen hahaha..

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