Thursday, June 26, 2008

Card counting ~ It works~ '21'

This is one movie about dreams, aspirations and the dark side. Totally enjoyed it. But some movie reviews doesn't seem that positive. I guess it's really subjective, and sometimes really cannot trust such critics.

Kevin Spacy played the role of a MIT lecutuere who showed some of his smarter students the art of card counting and brought them to Las Vagas to practice their card counting . It works and in comes the money and glamorous lifestyle. That's also when things start to crash for some of the students.

Mathematically card counting has proven to work and usually is used on blackjack. The movie tried showing how it works but I didn't grasp the concept :P

The casts were pretty okay for this movie just that I dun really know most of the younger actors. Kevin Spacy, Laurence Fishburne were the only two I know. Though the upcoming younger actors looked promising.

Personally I enjoyed the movie ;]

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